Monday, 1 November 2010

Information at York University

Rebeca: Hello, what are you looking for?
Iván: I'm worried about which option check.
Rebeca: Ok no problem, I can help you. I suggest you to study Computer Based Music or Music in Advertising.
Iván: Ohh well, but... I would like to study 1960s Pop Music or Music and Theatre.
Rebeca: Wait, I will check if that options are still avaiable... ohh sorry there aren't any places in there options.
Iván: oh, ok, which were the other studies?
Rebeca: Computer Based Music and Music in Advertisisng.
Iván: mmm... Music in Advertising sounds pretty good.
Rebeca: Well, I'll sing you up in this options . Ok?
Iván: Ok thank you. Good Bye.
Rebeca : Bye!

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