Sunday, 31 October 2010

Information at Oxford University

Secretary is Luminita and the student is Déborah.

SECRETARY: Hello,how can I help you?
ALUMN: I'm interested in 1960s Pop Music, and Music and Theatre.
SECRETARY: Well,let me see.I'm afraid there are no places left on the course.
Alumn: Which options are still available?
SECRETARY: I suggest Music in Advertising.
ALUMN: Can you tell me the content of the course?
SECRETARY: Yes,the course is about learning to find the perfect songs for advertisments.
It's a new course on computer-based Music; you could learn to do different programs for doing
the all things you want with the songs.
ALUMN: That sounds interesting.I'll do Music in Advertiding then.
SECRETARY: Ok! Thank you very much. Goodbye!
ALUMN: Goodbye!

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