Saturday, 20 November 2010

My future studies: Primary School Teacher.

Hello, I´m Vanessa! I speak about my future studies.
In the future, I will study in the university. I will study for primary school teacher. I want to study in Complutense University.
This degree can be studied at several universities in Madrid: Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Universidad Autónoma in Madrid and Universidad of Alcalá.
I like this degree because since childhood I liked to play the teacher with my friends and because I have an aunt who is teacher and I want to be like her. Also I like this degree because I love children, I love much patiente with them.
This degree is four years. Each year contains between eight and ten subjects.
Most popular subjects are phychology, chemistry, mathematics, language, English or French, Education.. and others subjects, but the most important subjects is physichology because you have to know how to treat children and to help them if they have a problem.
At the time of seeking degrees there are many possibilities of finding a job because can be a school teacher, tutor, psychologist at a school and teachers are always needed.
In my degree, I can go to study the stranger bur I do study the stranger but I don´t like to leave my family and friends and I think it´s easier to pursue a degree in your language and would haven´t problems of adaptation.
Thank´s for your attention and.. that´s all!

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