Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi! I'm María I 16 years old. In the future I want study psychology.
I study this degree in Alcorcón, Madrid, because there is a science health University. But if you want study in abroud you can study in Arizona University for example.
I want study psychology because I find it interesting and because
 I like listening to people.
Psycology is a degree in wich you can study the behaviour human.
In this degree there are many subjects:
  - History of psychology.
  - Introduction to psychology.
  - Anthropological bases to psychology.
  - Psyconanalitic theory.
  - Biological foundations of personality.

In third year you can choose the branch you want,there are four branch:
Educatinal psychology, clinical psychology, social psycology and 
industrial psychology.

I'll choose clinical psuchology, in this branch you can study 
mental illnesess, when you finish this degree you can work in a 
hospital, social asistent at a mental and physical rehabilitation.
I would love study in abroud I'd prefer USA.
But my English is not so good, but if I get a good English. 
I'm sure ,I'll be gone to USA!

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