Thursday, 25 November 2010

My future studies: Environmental Sciences.

Hello my name is Rebeca I'm 17 years old and my talk is going to be about my future studies.
When I finish Bachillerato I would study Environmental Science. I like to study this degree because I think is very interesting to know the environment and how to care today because people are not aware of the consequences there may be in the future if we care misuse our planet.
First of all I will say that I like to study this degree at the Complutense University, in my opinion is the most appropiate, but I can also consider the Autonoma University, Rey Juan Carlos University, The European University...
Personally, I would like to study a year of estudies abroad for example in USA or England to improve my english; for example in USA , I could study at the Hardvar University, at Berckley University in California or in Cornell University.
Secondly, the subjets that I will study during four years of the degree are: physics, chemistry, maths, biology, zoology, microbiology, botany, stadistic...
Finally the career of a graduate in a Environmental Science include:
-Consultancy and environmental impact assesment
-Environmental Managment in the Administration
-Quality management system in bussines and environmental organization
-Management of the environment
-Training and education environment
-Technology industrial environment research
That's all

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