Thursday, 25 November 2010

Job Interview. Cheerleader.

Interviewer: Iván (I)
Cheerleader: Rebeca (C)

I: Hi, can I help you?
C: Hi! I'm phoning for your advert in the newspaper.
I: OK, so give me your personal details.
C: My name is María Perez, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Spain.
I: OK. Have you got any experience working as a cheerleader?
C: Yes, I've been at Ravenscroft for 2 years, and now I want to jump to a great team like yours.
I: Well, here in the Dallas Cowboys we are looking for girls with charm, a big sense of a team and with certain physical characteristics. Do you think that you have that qualifications?
C: I guess so.
I: OK, can you come to 6, Worwick Avenue tomorrow at 6 pm to do a personal interview?
C: Yes, I'm writting down the address, I will be there tomorrow.
I: So, see you tomorrow. Bye bye.
C: Bye bye.

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