Sunday, 28 November 2010

My future studies: Architecture

Hello! I'm Sofia and I'm 16 years old. My talk is going to be about my future studies. I want to study architecture because I like so much tecnical drawing. An architect desings and plans the construction of buildings of urban zones and of parks.
For this degree, first of all I have to study the bachillerato of science and it is what I'm studying now.
I'd rather go to the Politecnica university because it is the one that is closer to my house. In this university the average mark is 10,78 so I think that it is very difficult to have a place in this university. Some of the subjects of this degree are: Geometry and drawing architecture 1, introduction to the architecture, calculation, initiation to projects and history of the art and the architecture.
During the degree I would have a Erasmus grant to study abroad, for example in Politecnica di Milano Technical university in Italy.
When I finish the degree, I can do a competitive exam and if I approve it, work in the ministry of publics works, or I can also work in a private company and here work in projects of building.
Before starting to work I would like to do a Master in Urban and Territorial planning. The Master I would do it in the Technical university of Madrid and it would cost 2ooo€.
Thanks you for you attention !
Bye !

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