Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mongolia University.

Lidia: Secretary                 Maria: Jena

Secretary: Hello, how can I help you?
jenna: Hi! Is there any place available? 
Secretary: What would you like to do?
Jenna: I'd like to book in 1960's pop music.
Secretary: I'm sorry, but we haven't got any vacancy in that course.
Jenna: Ok. And what option can I choose?
Secretary: If you prefer, I can give you a leaflet with the different courses.
Jenna: I'm interested  in music. Can you tell me about the course?
Secretary: Yes. It's a new course. In this course you only play instruments.
Jenna: Ok. I like it, could I book now?
Secretary: Yes! Now I need to take some personal details. First: your name?
Jenna: Jenna.
Secretary: Your surname?
Jenna: Gray.
Secretary: What's your nationality?
Jenna: American.
Secretary: Are you a student?
Jenna: Yes. I study in Tennessee Univesity.
Secretary: Your date of birth?
Jenna: Fourth of July.
Secretary: What is your adress here?
Jenna: I live in Roya Street.
Secretary:  Your telephone number?
Jenna: 6517891
Secretary: Ok. We wait for you in September!
Jenna: Ok! Bye!
Secretary: Bye!

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