Thursday, 14 June 2012


I am going to talk about Spirited Away, a cartoon anime film directed by Hayao Hiyazaki.This film is graet beacause its pictures are drawed in a amazing and sophisticated way .
It is about a family that is moving to another city to live and during the travel they have to stop in a strange place because they are lost.Then the parents start to eat at a restaurant, it is empty but they are so hungry to wait for the waiter. Chihiro, the daughter of the family and the main character, had went to see this place, and when see come back, her parents have been transformed in pigs by a spell of Yubaba, the boss of this place that results to be a bathhouse where Gods go to relax; the food that the parents of Chihiro ate was for these Gods. Chihiro have to work for the bathhouse and she is put to the test to save her parents along the entire plot and the end have some unpredictable and interesting events so I would recommend it to see it with all the family beacuase it is very original and if you see it you will get a funny time.

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