Thursday, 7 June 2012


Mishuwitos were little creatures that measured one meter high. Were completely identical and worked as a team. One day, they were in their works when one of them crying out and alarm the small town, they had founded for them, saying that a new kind of enemy has appeared, to shelter and not to leave. All whole city was paralyzed when he heard these words. The president called this and asked him why he lied. He answered and told him that was no lie that he had seen the news and it was kind of animal with feathers, wings and beak, a little bigger than them, and I was able to eat one. As described by reports by the name of poultry. The president put his army to protect the city. After one week gave news to the people that this was true were protected and not to leave so as not to risk their lives. The city really scared obeyed orders. But as time wore on their food ran out and the city was destroyed, the President met in his concern to his counselors and told them they had to be united. When ready to begin the fight against the enemy realized that they also had an army. They started the battle, recalled that the good always wins and forces retook beginning to end with the enemy. At the end of the battle's won Mishuwitos to the birds and continued their normal lives.

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