Thursday, 7 June 2012

Womens in sport

Is a topic very discussed because there are many opinions. In the first place, the women’s have got less strength and in many possible cases less resistance, but here are some exceptions. It is true that women tend to have more intelligence than men’s and something it is more important in sport.

 In the second place for sports more aggressive the men’s can be better when going to practice because are sports that need more strength and men’s are stronger than women. For sports in which the intelligence needs more than the strength the women’s in general have got more advantage.

 In conclusion, the woman’s are very good at sports where intelligence is used and the mens are very good at sports where the strength or the resistance are more important. Many womens have got more speed and more resistance that in the case of the resistance in general the mens have got more. In sports depends much individuality but the more important quality in sports are the team.

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