Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Women and Sports

Some years ago, one question appeared: The women can play sports as well as men? Some men are against and some are for.

On the one hand, genetically women are powerless than men, and they can run as fast as men.
The men are more agressive and can hurt very much the women.Because very people think that women are worst than men in sport and don't let them play with men at many games.

On the other hand, a decided woman can win a match versus a men, like the event "The Battle of the Sexes" where Bobby Riggs play versus Billie Jean King (Billie beat Bobby 6-4,6-3 and 6-3). So the women can play as well as men if they think that is possible and try it.

In short, the women can play with men in sports. A great female player can win a great male player.So the sports organitations (like FIFA) should let the women play with men, if the women want to it.

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