Monday, 13 December 2010

Entrevistador: Maria

Maria: Sit down please
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: Well, are you lidia?
Lidia: Yes, I am
Maria:You called me the last week fot the job of secret policewomen right?
Maria:OK. tell me what experience have you got?
Lidia:Ok, I studied the degree of criminology in the Complutense University, when i finished the started to work in a commissioner with my father, I working there for 2 years.More later i went to work to USA of secret policewomen
I was working there for 3 years. I get a lot of experience there.
Maria: Why do you think you are the good person fot this job?
Lidia: I because I am a very prfessional person, i always finish my job and I haven't got problems with anything
I'm sure you never will have problems with me.
Maria:I'm see you curriculum and is excelent!
Lidia: Thank you
Maria: i think that you are the perfect person for the job Lidia, your salary will be 2000 euros month
Lidia: It's perfect
Maria. Ok can you give me your telephone number?
Lidia: Yes of course, 668936210
Maria: OK i will call you the next.
Lidia:Ok thank you!
Maria: Your are welcome good bye!
Lidia Bye!

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