Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Job interviews

Entrevistador: Lidia
Entrevistado: María

Lidia: Hello.
María: Hello.
Lidia: Sit down please.
María: Ok.
Lidia: Well, Are you María?
María: Yes, I am.
Lidia: You called me about the job of war pilot? 
María: Yes.
Lidia:  How old are you=How old are you?
María:I am 27.
Lidia:Ok, tell me, What work experience have you got?
María:I worked in navy for tree years. I been in Afganistan for two years
Lidia: What we can contribute?
María: I am ecellent soldier, You'll see. I take my job seriously.
Lidia: Ok. I think you're the perfect person for the jon Maria. Can you give me your telephone number.
María:Of course, 510421
Lidia:  Ok. This week I will call you.
María: Ok. Goodbye thank you.
Lidia:  Bye!
María: Good bye! Thanks!

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Maria lopez said...

Mariaaa you are beautiful :)