Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Interviewer:Hello!!Good morning!!
Interviewed:Good morning!!
Are you a candidate for this job?
I´m Mr.Courtney the boss in this office and I will do your interview.
How are you?Are you nervous?
I´m fine thank you!I´m really a bit nervous.
Let´s start
What´s your name?
My name is Lili
How old are you?
I´m 28 years old
What job do you want?
I want to get a job as a teacher
Good Lili!What work experience have you got?
When I was 17,I workedas a baby-sitter in a village in Dublin,where I lived before.
When I was 19,I worked as a nursery-assistant,that same year I started to university,I started my degree as a teacher in a kindergarden.
Ever since and during the degree,I started taking care of children in a summer camp,because my uncle works hire people for summer camps.
When I finished my degree,I lived in Spain for three years,I worked as a teacher,taking care children with problems.
When I returned I come to live in London with my boyfriend,whom I met in Spain.
So,Were you born in Dublin?
Yes,I was
Don´t you go back over there?
Yes,I go in the summer and christmas to see my family
And to Spain?Do you come back?
Yes,my boyfriend´s family is from Segovia,so we also go in the summer and the christmas.
What languages can you speak Lili?
I can speak English,Spanish,a bit of French and a bit more of Italian
Have you studied these languages?
Yes,I speak Spanish because I studied a lot in academies before I went to Spain to practice it.
French I studied it,at school and Italian because I did an erasmus in Italy for my degree.
Oh!Good!Tell me about your personality!
I´m funny,generous,friendly and pacific...
but when I get angry.... (jejeje)
What attracts you do this job?
Really sinse I was very little,I´m liked the children.When I was little,I played with dolls,but when I grew I started to take care to my cousins,my little brother....
Why do you think you´re the right person for this job?
I don´t know,because I like a lot of the childrens or because I can have more experience than other person.
Very good Lili!!!You could be a candidate for this job!!
Oh fantastic!
We have a job at a school,It´s near the city of London.
Very good!!I feel like working!How much time will I have to work there?and where it´s?
It´s in Oxford,you will work for this course,from 9:00 to 14:00.
Have you any question?
No,I haven´t
Tell me your address ,please?
Street Maestro Victoria
And your telephone number?
Good!!This week we´ll phone you!!
Thank you so much Mr.Courtney
You´re welcome!You´re the chosen one!
Good bye,Mr Courtney.
Bye Lili,see you!!
See you!!

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