Sunday, 19 December 2010


Entrevistadora: Erika.
Entrevistada: Mirella.
E: Good morning.
M: Good morning.
E: I´m Nerea and I´m in charge of doing the job interview in this clinic.
M: Ok.
E: Tell me, what is your name?
M: My name is Katherine.
E: Ok Katherine and what are your surnames?
M: García Pérez.
E: How old are you?
M: I´m 27 years old.
E: Where do you live?
M: I live in Alcorcón.
E: How many languages do you speak?
M: I speak 3 languages.
E: What languages?
M: English, Spanish and Italian.
E: Ok. Miss García, what job are you applying for?
M: I´m biochemist and I would want to work in the laboratory.
E: Ok. One moment please...Just in this moment we need 2 people in the laboratory. Miss García, what studies have you got?
M: I´ve studied biochemistry in the Complutense University in Madrid and after that I´ve done a master in Italy.
E: What attracts you to this job?
M: I´ve always had curiosity for this field and I like biochemisrty because I think this degree is very interesting.
E: What work experience have you got?
M: I´ve worked as substitute in a hospital for 10 months.
E: What is the hospital´s name?
M: It is Gregorio Marañón and it is in Madrid.
E: What post did you have in the hospital?
M: In the hospital I worked in the laboratory.
E: Well. Why do you think you are the right person for this job?
M: I think I´m the right person because I have a master in Biochemistry and I enjoy doing my work and I like it.
E: In this moment do you work?
M: Yes, I do.
E: What´s your job?
M: I work in a pharmacy.
E: Then what is your available time?
M: I work in the evening so if you contracct me I could work in the mornings but my contracct in the pharmacy ends next month so I´ll be available when you like.
E: Ok. miss García this is all. Could you give me your telephone number?
M: Yes, it is 618513472.
E: Well we will call you but after the interview ends, have you got any question?
M: Yes. I would like to know how many hours I would work?
E: You would only work for 8 hours a day, but could you work overtime?
M: Yes, I could. Miss Nerea, what is the salary?
E: The salary is $3000 per month besides 2 pay in July and December.
M: Ok and what is the salary for the overtime?
E: It is $90 per hour.
M: How many week´s holiday moved I get?
E: Holidays are only for 4 weeks. It is 2 weeks in a month and 2 weeks in other month. But you can choose the month.
M: Ok. In this clinic do you work on feast days?
E: Sometimes. But only for 4 hours.
M: But is it overtime?
E: No, it isn´t.
M: Do this clinic pay the sick pay?
E: Yes, we do because this clinic is private.
M: Ok. This is very good. Well miss Nerea this is all, thank you so much I haven´t got any more question.
E: Ok. Well I´ll call you in 1 week.
M: Ok, thank you.
E: Nice to meet you Katherine. Good bye.
M: Pleased to meet you too. Good bye.

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