Thursday, 29 April 2010


Rubén - Good morning!
Álvaro - Good morning. Can I help you?
Rubén - Yes, I've come from Venice and my suitcase hasn't appeared on the conveyor belt.
Álvaro - Amm! Ok! Can you give me your flight number?
Rubén - Yes, I have it here, it is IB4753.
Álvaro - I...B...4...7...5...3... Ok! It seems that your suitcases have gone back from Venice. We are sorry but yours must be lost.
Rubén - And what can I do?
Álvaro - Well, actually you can't do anything, just wait.
Rubén - What? I can't wait for my suitcase, I need to be in London in an hour!
Álvaro - Sorry, but we can't do anything, when somebody finds your suitcase we will give it back to you.
Rubén - You are the worst flying company I have ever seen...
Álvaro - Sorry, but ...
Rubén - First of all, the plane arrived 4 hours late, on the plane there were no drinks and now my suitcase is lost!!
Álvaro - We are sorry, but, if you want, you can fill in a formal complaint.
Rubén - No, I'm late and nobody would read it. If you find my suitcase, call me, my number is 643515611
Álvaro - Ok, thanks for flying with us. Goodbye
Rubén - Goodbye.

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