Thursday, 29 April 2010

Holidays in Brazil

Alvaro: Hi, man!
Nico: Hi, Alvaro! How are you!
A: I'm OK, and you?
N: I'm fine. So, where are we going on holidays?
A: Alex told me that he wants to go to Germany.
N: No, I don't like Germany. I think, it's better going to USA.
A: Don't you prefer going to Brazil?
N: Yes, it's a great idea.
A: When are you available for going to Brazil?
N: I think the next week I won't be able to go.
A: So, when?
N: On Monday.
A: Which one?
N: June 26th.
A: Mmmmm... I'll try to get those days, but I don't know right now.
N: OK. Try it. How will we go?
A: I think we should go by plane...
N: ... yes, because a cruise would be very slow.

(Two weeks later...)

Travel agent: Can I help you?
A: Yes, you can
N: We come to complain about our trip.
A: They told us that in the hotel everything was included, but there we had to pay the meals and drinks.
N: I want my money back!
A: What will you do?
T: I'll try to return your money but it's quite difficult.
N: If you want to see us at court...
T: OK, OK, OK. Don't get angry.
A: As well, your private beach was packed.
T: I'll see what I can do but I don't promise anything. Give me your phone number. If I get something, I'll phone you.
N: 390895062. I'll be waiting for your phone call.
A: Thank you for your attention. Good bye!

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