Thursday, 29 April 2010

The worst holidays

Travel Agent: Good morning, can I help you?
Mr Turner: Yes, you can. We have just arrived from Cuba and we are really upset.
Mrs Turner: You are a swindler!
Travel Agent: Excuse me, what's the problem?
Mrs Turner: The problem is that we have had the worst holidays in our lives!
Mr Turner: Darling, you should relax a little bit.
Mrs Turner: We have paid almost a thousand euros! I'm not going to relax!! I want my money back.
Travel Agent: I think that's impossible. But tell me, what happened?
Mr Turner: First of all, we waited three hours for the guide to arrive at the airport.
Mrs Turner: And we had to pay fifty euros for a taxi to take us to our hotel.
Travel Agent: Oh, I understand...
Mr Turner: Yes, and that's not the only thing, in the hotel we had to change our bedroom twice!
Mrs Turner: And the worst thing of all, in the return flight, we paid for a bussines classs and there was only a tourist class! We were really unconfortable.
Travel Agent: Ok, all I can do for you is help you to fill in this customer complaint form and I will send it to the Head Office. Do you agree?
Mr Tuner: If there is no other way...

Travel Agent: I will phone you as soon as I have news.
Mr & Mrs Turner: Ok, thank you.

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