Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The holidays

Lorena- Hi, Jorge! How are you?
Jorge - I´m fine! And you?
Lorena - Me too! Please, tell me about your holidays! What did you do?
Jorge - I have been in Huelva, I was there for five days. I went with my friends, and I was in the beach, and in the nights I went out to the disco! And you?
Lorena- My holidays were funny... I went to Alicante with my mother but there I was bored! Then, I came back to Madrid and I was with my friends a lot of time! For example, I went to the swimming pool or something like that. Did you visit any interesting places?
Jorge - No, I didn´t...
Lorena - Ok, me neither. I would like visiting a good place now but I haven't time...
Jorge - Why? I can´t believe that you haven´t time!
Lorena - Really, I haven´t... Would you like to visit an interesting place?
Jorge - Yes! I would like to visit New York! But I need too money...
Lorena - Yeah, it´s true! Don´t worry, I´m sure that you will be able to travel to New York in the future!
Jorge - YES, I hope so! Well, Lorena, I have to go... Bye!
Lorena - Bye, Jorge!


Ana Concejero said...

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Thanks for your interesting blog!.
By the way, congratulations on being a finalist for the Edublogs awards!


Lorena Gómez said...

Really? Thank you!
But I don´t understand very well what do you want to say about the links...
We are working hard! :)
Ah! I hope that we will win the contest!
Bye! :)