Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bad holidays

Montero Travel Agent: Good morning. Can I help you?
Rosa: Yes, you can actually. We came back from Barcelona last Sunday and this is the brochure of the holiday you sold us.
MTA: Did you have great holidays?
Muñoz: No, we didn't. Our holidays were awful.
MTA: Wow, what was the problem?
M: First of all, Rosa and I wanted a hotel on the first line of the beach but we were in a hotel in the middle of Barcelona called "Sabadell Resort". Secondly, the receptionist was very unkind and they didn't want to give us a room.
R: Besides that, when we finally entered the room, we noticed that there was much noise from outside and we hadn't got any sea view or any sight. 
MTA: Don't worry, I'll tell my boss. Anything else I can do?
M: Well, I expect you to return our money or give us a room in another hotel for the same time; if not, I will  fill in a complaint form.
MTA: Okay, give me a phone number and I'll call you to make a repayment if it's possible.
R: 183452376
MTA: Sorry, can you repeat that more slowly, please? 
R: 1-8-3-4-5-2-3-7-6. Ask for Rosa.
MTA: Okay, don't worry about anything and, as soon as we can, we will call you. Thank you for using our travel agency. Goodbye!
M: I'm sure you will do it. Bye
R: Bye.

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