Thursday, 29 April 2010


(Vane is a travel agent and Natalia is her client).

Vane: Hello, good morning. Can I help you?
Natalia: Hello.... Yes, you can. I came from Paris last week and the hotel where you made my reservation was awful.
Vane: Mmm... Why?
Natalia: Because the sheets in the hotel were stained and I found cockroaches in my bathroom.
Vane: Ooohh!! It's horrible! I'm sorry, I think you should fill in a complaint form. What's your name?
Natalia: My name is Natalia.
Vane: And your surnames?
Natalia: Rodríguez Menéndez.
Vane: Ok! How many days did you stay in the hotel?
Natalia: I was for four days. I went there on Wednesday and I came back on Sunday.
Vane: Ok! I'm very sorry about this. I'll speak with the hotel and I will not recommend it to anyone.
Natalia: Thanks. But, apart from that, I will never come to this travel agency again.
Vane: I'm sorry!
Natalia: Goodbye.
Vane: Mmm... Goodbye!

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