Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My holidays: Tenerife!!!

Hello! I'm Eva Dalía, and my talk is about my trip to Tenerife when I was eight years. I went with my parents for a week in the ''Catalonia Punta del Rey'' hotel.
First of all, we arrived to Tenerife at three o'clock p.m and we stayed in the comfortable and big hotel, and I was very excited because I never had been in a hotel.
In the afternoon we went to visit the place and in the night we walked to the maritim walk.
The next days we visited all the island on the car that we lated.
In these walk we went to se the ''Drago Milenario'', a tree that he is older than one thousand years, also we visited the beaches with black sand where it was the Atlantic sea that it is very cold, beside my father tired bathe in the sea but it was impssible, although the weather is very hot. After we went to the ''Acantilado de los Gigantes'' where the rocks were a break-water.
Next day after to have breakfast we went to Teide, where we visited it and we raised very hight, and I lost the know-ledge, then my parents toke me to the doctor and I recover the know-ledge.That day we also saw the ''Dedo de Dios'' situated in the natural park of Teide where I fell rolling and nexts days I was sick because I breathed very dust...that day wasn't very nice.
Next day I met a english girl but I couldn't speak with her because I don't know a lot of english, but I could play with her. Overall, that day we visited the capital os Tenerife ''Santa Cruz de Tenerife'' where I bought keeper os the keys where the Teide was drawed.
The next day we were in th ''Playa de los cristianos'', where also we were the second day.
Eventually, the last day we visited the '' Loro parque'' that it is a zoo longer than Madrid zoo and it has got lost of variety os birds. In a exhibition the caretaker of parronts asked if somebody wanted to went out fot played with the parronts, and I wen out very quickly and the caretakers gave me a chickpea and the parrot caught me of my mounth...It was very funy!!
That day we caught the plane at eleven o'clock p.m for returned at home.
This is my trip...thanks for your attention...!

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