Thursday, 22 April 2010

The sicilian, by Mario Puzo

The sicilian is a quite good book, it was written by Mario Puzo, a writter who also writed The Godfather, The last Don, Fools Die or Omertà, among others.
The main characters are Salvatore "Turi" Giulano and his cousin and second in command Gaspare "Aspanu" Pisciotta both from Montelepre, in Sicily.
At that time, 1940, there was much poverty, so that the black market was very important. Giuliano brought food for the wedding of her sister when they were caught by the carabinieri and decided to fight back. Turi was shot, but he also got to shoot the Sergeant through the eye.
Thereafter, he lived as a bandit in the mountains of the region of Montelepre.

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