Sunday, 18 April 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 13

 Welcome to our news program. Today we are going to tell you about a volcano in Iceland, the Spring Fair and Vector, our literary recommendation for this week. Finally, the answer to our weekly question, but first,

Last week a volcano in Iceland began to erupt, and it started to cause damage to the atmosphere. For this reason, planes can't fly because the particles in the air are very dangerous for the engine of aeroplanes. Scientists don't know how to stop this accident but they hope it finishes soon. (By: Nico)


The Spring Fair, La Feria de Abril, is one of the most typical festivals in Spain. The Spring Fair starts every year on Tuesday's midnight and it finishes the following Sunday. It lasts for six days.
The most famous one is that of Seville, in the district of Los Remedios. On the fairground, the casetas (booths) and attractions are opened. La portada, the main entrance, is a very elaborated entry which is chosen from among many candidates. The Feria starts with el lunes del alumbrao: at midnight, the lights of la portada are turned on. The best known of the Spring Fair are the rebujitos (a drink with Manzanilla wine and Sprite or Seven Up), las sevillanas (an andalusian dance) ant the parades of riders and carriages. La Feria is also celebrated in other places:, such as Cataluña, Madrid, Extremadura or even Alcorcón. (By Álvaro Bravo)


Yuri Davidov is a Russian inmigrant and he d0oes a lot of efforts because he wants to live in USA. Now he is a taxi driver but now he knows the American dream is false and his life isn’t good so he decides to take revenge on USA and go back to his place of birth in Russia. He is a biotechnology engineer and he makes massive destruction weapons and he allies himself with a nazi terrorist. Now the forensic police Jack Stapleton and Laurie Montgomeri investigate the death of some people and they follow clues risking their lifes and a lot of people lives. (By: Alejandro Montero)

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