Friday, 16 April 2010

Parque de Lisboa News 12

Have a very warm welcome to our news program. We mostly greet our friends in Badalona from the Secondary School La Pineda, authors of the blog Batxillerat Collaborative Class Blog. Today we will tell you about the death of a great journalist, Juan Manuel Gozalo; about an earthquake in China and our literary recommendation. Our book today is located in a  mental hospital, but first,

Juan Manuel Gozalo dies.
Last weekend  Juan Manuel Gozalo, one of the greatest sports journalists in Spanish radio, died in Madrid. He has left us at the age of 65 years because of cancer. Gozalo was one of the main references of the radio in our country and covered up to eleven Olympics since Mexico '68. Journalist  for Radio Nacional de España since 1970, where he presented and directed the Gaceta de los Deportes Radio for years, Juan Manuel Gozalo had on his resumé a number of proffesional awards, among which is an Ondas Award, achieved in1992. On September 17, 2007 he arrived to Radio Marca and his last program was last Wednesday, setting an example of perseverance and love for his profession. May he rest in peace. (By Alejandro Muñoz Crespo).

Chinese earthquake.
April 14th 2010 there has been an earthquake in China of 6.9 degrees on the Ritcher scale. They speak about a death toll of 600 and 10000 people injured but the figures continue to rise as there are people buried under the rubble. China is getting international aid to prevent further catastrophes. (By Jorge González).

Los renglones torcidos de Dios.
I´m going to do a recommendation of a book that I read... Its name is Los renglones torcidos de Dios. This book tells us a story about how a girl detective tries to find out a case of murder. She wanted to enter the hospital voluntarily for finding out the culprit of a patient's death but in the end, things turn against her... The nurses start to think wether she is mentally ill herself and not a detective as she says ... She has to do a lot of things for the nurses to believe her. But finally ... Is she a detective or a mentally ill person?? I encourage you to read this book! It´s very entertaining. (By: Lorena Gomez Garcinuño).

To end our program we must say that Fernando Alonso is the best Spanish Formula 1 pilot ever, and this is the answer to our previous weekly question. For next week we would like you to tell us: who wrote the play Romeo and Juliet? Thank you for your attention, we'll meet again next week...! Goodbye!


Lorena Gómez said...

My surname is Garcinuño... ¬¬´ xD

Alejandro Muñoz Crespo said...

I believe that I had a mistake. I wrote Juan Manuel Gonzalo and is Juan Manuel Gozalo, sorry :)

Lorena Gómez said...

How is changing the climate...! Do you know the exact causes that caused the earthquake?