Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The desire of the trees

The books began to grow from the branches of trees. Everyone was amazed at what was happening. Suddenly, one of the trees spoke and said: We want create wisdom and don´t create leaves, so it can be possessed by all and we can be sages for care together the earth.

By Alejandro Muñoz Crespo


Natalia García said...

Hi Alejandro!:)
I think that your book's recommendation is very interesting and maibe will be a great saga;but, can you tell me how many books have it?

Lorena Gómez said...

I really like your mini-saga!
I think that it´s the best and I´m sure that it will win!

Alejandro Muñoz Crespo said...

I'm very happy that it have liked you Lorena, I think that your mini-saga is very good too.

Alejandro Muñoz Crespo said...

Natalia, thank you very much for your comment too. Answering at your question, this saga not have any books, not exist, is one story that I invented :).

Eva Dalía Gómez Díaz said...

Ohhhh yes yes...this is the best mini-saga because is a interesting history and now I have a desire I read this book...but...if you invented this history...is imposible jajajaa!
Ok Alejandro...vey well! =)