Saturday, 1 May 2010

Terrible holidays

Travel agent: Hi! Can I help you?
Lorena: Of course... I came back from Rome last day and there I had a lot of problems.
T.A: Really? What type of problems did you have?
L: When I arrived to the hotel with my friend, we haven´t booked and had to pay to reserved twice.
T.A: Have you got the invoice?
L: Yes, here you are.
T.A: Ok, I can put your money in your bild now.
L: Ok, I hope so.
T.A: Had do you have other problems ?
L: Yes,when I checked in at reception and arrived the bedrom It wasn´t cleaned and there are a lot of ants
T.A: But I can´t do anything
L: Yes I know it but you recomend me this hotel!
T.A: Sorry...
L: Ah! And the food was cold,very cold!And you say me that the hotel had a swimming pool and it hadn´t swimming pool!
T.A: Ufff....Ok I understand you...
L: What are you going to do?
T.A: Please give me your telephone number and I´ll call you when I finish to speak with my boss,ok?
L: OK...My telephone number is 418957742 .I hope that you call me as soon as possible!And that you give me all lost money.
T.A: Yes I´m sure that I´ll solve this problems fot that this a gency give you a free travel where you want.Do you agree?
L: Ok! Ok! I hope that everyting goes right. Bye!
T.A: Bye.

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