Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi! My name is Lidia and mi talk in going to be about Belgium.
Now im going to talk about the economy, languages, monuments, food and tradictions.
First of all the capital of Belgium is Bruselas but the official name of the city is city of bruselas. it is to avoid the confusion between the region and the munipality.
Belgium is a federal constitucional monarqui and after world war II envolved a unitary state of union.
The duch or fleming and french are the official language in this country and also teh german is spoken in the regions of the border with germany.
Monuments: if you want visit Belgium you can visit for example:
The attomium and the grabd place of bruselas
Belgium is international know fot the beer, chocolate and comics
They have hundres types of beer.
Also the belgium cheese is a typical food this cheese is more delicius that que cheese of holland
They have a tradiction, it consist in go for the city with a young tre and plant it.
This is all
thank you!

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