Friday, 18 February 2011


Hello! My name is Vanessa and my talk is going to be about of Poland. I´m going to be about geography, capital, currency, language, cityes, weather, economic, history, tradictions and my opinion of this country.
Poland is east to European. Poland is surrounded for Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Belarus.
The capital of Poland is Warsaw. The flag is two colors: white top and red below.
The oficial language is Polish.
Secontly, the currency of Poland is zloty, its acronym is PLN. A zloty is 26 cents.
The most important cities are Warsaw (capital of Poland), Krakow (second largest city) has 800 habitants, and three cities more.
The weather of Poland is mixed. In summer you can make up to 40 degrees and in winter can reach minus 40 degrees below zero.
Poland´s economy centers on agriculture and industry. In the agriculture works 14% of the habitants and industry highlights the crisis of Second War World and the reform in 1990.
Poland currently hasn´t president, because he died last year in a plane crash.
Polandis part the European Union since 2004.
Futhermore, In Poland it is tradition to celebrate the day of Christmas Easter, Corpus Christi and the day of all saints.
I have chosen this country because the country I wanted it took another person and because in my opinion, it is an interesting country.
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