Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hello my name is Svyatoslav and I write about Ucraine.
First of all I write about the official language, the gegraphy situation and capital of country. Ucraine is the country in the East of Europe, the official language is ucranian and the capital is Kiev.
Secondly I write about history of country. Ucraine's history began whit Kievan Rus founded by first hetman* called Igor. Recents events of Ucraine´s history are first and second World Wars when Ucraine participated In Soviet Union.
I write about Ucraine´s economy too. The economy in Soviet times was very good Ucraine were the second potencial in Soviet Union. Since 1991 Ucraine´s economy holds world records of inflation. Prices stabilized only afther the introduction of new currency, the hryvnya, in 1996.
Finally I write about the monuments, main cities and tradition of this country. In Ucraine the people celebrated Christmas, but it has got three parts. First is Christmas´ Eve in seventh of January, second is day of Saint Peter and later is day of Saint Nicolas.
The most importants cities are Lviv, Kiev and Ternopil where there are monuments like Catherdral of Siant Sophia in Kiev or the castle of Kamianetsk Podilsk in Ternopil.

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