Monday, 21 February 2011


Hello!!I´m going to write about Germany.
First of all,Germany is in the center Europe,it´s between Poland,France....
The oficial language is Germany and a bit of English.
And in Germany has been diferent currency and the nowadays the currency is the euro.
In the Germany´s history,last years germany was very important,it participated in the 1World War and in the 2World War.
In Germany nowadays 82 million people live.And about the Germany´s economy;there are 300,000 people who are unemployed.
Then Germany´s capital is Berlin,it´s a beutiful and modern city with a lot of foreigners .
The most important monuments ones are:
-Alte nationalgalerie.
-Kolner Dom
-Berliner Olimpiastadion
-The island of the museums
And the most important traditions are:
-Oktoberfest:It´s a festivas
-Carnival for them is Kasnacht
-Winer´s parties:It´s in may,people taste wine and they choose the king wine.
-Kirchweih:It´s for us funfair.In this party people sow kirchweihbaum,It´s the tree of kirchweih.
Finally I´m going to say that people recomended go to Germany to visit these monument and you also can visit cities as:Berlin,Hamburg,Munich.....

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