Tuesday, 22 February 2011

the country i chosed to talk about...

My talk was about Malta.
First of all i told that malta is an european island, it capital is Valletta with 414.971 habitants, the languages that maltese people speak are maltese and english,the currency was the euro (€), the gobern is a Republic and the president is Eddie Frenech Adami.
Secondly i told about Maltese economy: is favourablegeographic location and a productive labour force dep on.(foreign trade, manufacturing, tourism and financial services)
About the monuments they have only 3 kind of monuments they are: Hipogeo de Hal Saflien, Megalithic Themples of Malta and the city of valletta.
they haven`t got their own traditions because of united kingdom and italia which was the countries who made the traditions there because of the inmigrants also the cuisine is tipically mediterranean based on fresh produce and seafood with some influence from italian cuisine ,over all they are catholic.
Furthermore the maltese weather is Mediterranean, not dry summers and wet autumns and short cool winters with adequate rainfall ,winds are strong and frequent
about the history i told that malta was been inhabited since it was settled around 5200 b.C from the Italian island of sicily later came phoenitians and the greaks who named the island "sweet home"
and finally i chosed this country because i want to know more about this country, and it was a good oportunity to look for information to know for my self.
thank you for you atention. Goobye.

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