Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lidia y Maria- Conversation 1

L: Hellow, are you Maria?
M:Hi, yes I'm
L:I'm calling you because I need to study and in your party there are a lot of noise.
M:I'm sorry but is my birthday and my friends are here.
L: Yes I know bit i need to study
M: Yes I know but is my birthday
L: Can you go to other palce?
M: No can you go to a library?
L: If I could i will go bit it's at 10 o'clock and the library's are closeed
M: I'm sorry bur it`s my birthday.
L. And I'm sorry buut i have an impportant exam the next week and i need to study and with the noise is imposible
M: It's a party what do you expect ?
L: I don't min that is a party ...shup up!
M. pi pi pi pi pi
L: Maria? Oh my gog he hand down me Ö
L: ring ring ring
M: Hi is Marai here
L: 'im Lidia again
M:mmm ok
L: I shit on your mother, turn down the music!!
M: you also had a parties and i never said you that turn down the musiiic!
L. I dont mine turn down the musiic
M: You are so tired of study if you want you can come on to my party
Lidia: are you crazy? No no no y have a lot of woork!
M: Don't be bored, Carloos is here...
L: Carloos? mmm...ok buut only one hoouur, I see you right noow! Byeee
M: Byeeee

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