Thursday, 7 April 2011

my favorite singer

i decided that my talk is going to be about young killer8this is his artistic name). first of all i should say that he was born on 3rd of october,1994 so now he is 17. He is from latin america and grow and lives in santa cruz de tenerife.He use to call him self young killer but his real name is jorge gonzález(may be he calls him self with this name because he is too young and had lived a lot of bad things in tooo little time and he feels srong ansd killed the bad things which disturb him) he told that he started to sing and write music because when he was 15 he felt in love with a girl who made him suffer a lot then he made a diary talling how he felt and latter thougt that this will be a perfect words for doing good songs and he wasn`t wrong he sold a lot of dcs in his country and aroun of the world but he haven`t got yet any gold disks i think is because of the age. personally i love his songs he always tall the truth.. i love almost alll his songs but my favorite is "no llores mas" it`s the story of a boy whos mother has died i can`t resist to cry always when i listen to this thankyou for your attention bye!

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