Sunday, 10 April 2011


The beginnings of her career. Katy Perry was born as Katherine Elizabeth Hudson in the city of Sta.Barbara,California.Her parents are evangelical ministers and shes has got an older brother and a younger sister. She grew to listen to evangelical music,because her mother didn´t let listen from the other music,she said that it was profane music. She started to sing in church from the age of 9 until she was 17 years old.She started singing christian music,she acted as Katy Hdson,but people always mixed up with the actress Kate Hudson.It´s the surname of her mother. Her albums. In 2006 she recorded "One of the boys".In 2007 "she launched "Ur so gay!and later she launched "I kissed a girl"with this album she reached the highest ranks in the top charts. In 2009 she launched "Hot N cold"and she went on her first tour"Hello Katy tour". Private life. Katy went out with Travis McCloy,later they separated and then they went bak but omly for some months. Crrencly,she´s going out with Rusell Brand. My favourite song. My favourite song is "I kissed a girl"because I think that it´s funny and I like its lirycs.

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