Monday, 11 April 2011


Alejandro Sanz is a Spanish musician born in Madrid on December 18, 1968. The sponsor is the composer Manuel Alejandro, so the musical passion comes from very small. When He was 7 years old, he started playing the guitar and when he was 10 years old, he composed his songs. Then Alejandro began studying for administration. At the same time, he taught with his uncle Miguel Ángel, that today, he is her producer. After the making a demo, Alejandro Sanz performed at the Hispavox, but was rejected. The Warner discography accepted his model. They chaged the subname of Alejandro. In 1991 published the first record "Viviendo deprisa" with he won seven record platinum in Spain. In 1993 Alejandro edited "Si tu me miras". Also, was published "Básico", one compilation with the best songs. In 2000, he published a new record "El alma al aire" and marked his greatest success in his musical career. In 2001, Alejandro is the first Spanish musician participating in the MTV. In 2003, he released a new album is called globally "No es lo mismo". It was recorded in Madrid and Miami. In 2006, Alejandro Sanz published a new studio work, called "El tren de los momentos". In the album colaborated singers like Shakira, Antonio Carmona, Juanes, and Calle 13. Finally, in 2009, Alejandro published a new record called "Paraiso Express" which includes a duet with Alicia Keys, called "Looking for Paradise" singing in English and Spanish. That´s all. =)

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