Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dialogue 1

L: Hello Who is? R:Hi I am Agapita can I speak to Hortensia? L:Yes I am Horte R:Oh Hi Hotre how are you? L:fine thank you. And you? R:Fine too. L: Ok Why are you calling me? R:Oh yes I am calling about a party yesterday night and.... L: What is the problem? R:you made a lot of noise and my child couldn´t sleep...and you didn´t invited me. I thought you are my friend.... L:Oh sorry...but it was a work party. Were speakin about our job all the night, I rhought it was to be boring for you.... R:well...Don´t worry my friend, but you could sayd to me. L:yes, sorry I didn´t think it an sorry for the noise R:Don´t worry L:sorry again can you repeat please? I don´t hear you. I have a bad signal. R:yes of course, don´t worry. L:Oh ok R:well, how was your party? LVerygood. All my friend in the job came and Tom, the guy that has a maittres too, but he came with his wife R: Really? Oh my god? I can´t believed it. Do you think his wife know he has a maittres? L:I don´t know but I think that she has a maittres too. R: oh my god! she too? Really? I want tell you one thing... I have a maittres... L:sorry my friend , Could you sepeak more loudly? I can´t her you. R:yes...I said that I have a maittres since 6 months..... L:Really?I can´t believe it. Why? Where? when? who is he? OH MY GOD..... R:He is a firefighter. I knew he when had a fire in my house. I saw he and I knew I lover him. L:but....and your hasband? and your children? R: the love is stonger than that. The next week I will go with he far away... L:You can´t give up your family! you are crazy... R:yes I know but I am not happy anf I want to be happy...do you understand me? L: no sorry my friend...I think you should divorced before. R: no sorry but no, I don´t have time. Bye bye! L:no..... Laura Pulido Rebeca Carnero 1ªA

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