Monday, 2 November 2009

Parque de Lisboa News 3

The Taekoon do Exhibition:

The Taekoon do Exhibition that took place in our high school was fantastic. It was in the gym at ten past eleven. There were five students and the teacher.
At the begining they showed us defence techniques. Our mate Lorena and another boy of our school, Sergio, collaborated with them.
Later they fought one against other, they had different kinds of protections  on their heads, on their bodies and on their feets. Lorena was the youngest one and she did it great! We didn't have enough time to see the end of the exhibition, because the break was too short. It was very interesting, I liked it!

Football match Real Madrid - Alcorcón:

The day 27th October 2009 was played the match between Alcorcón-Real Madrid.
Stadium: Santo Domingo of Alcorcón with an expectation of 2.000 people
Hours: 22.00 p.m
Early in the game the players of Real Madrid played confident but they never imagined that in the end lost 4-0 against a team second B.
Borja Perez scored twice,the first in the 16 minutes and the second on 52 minutes.
Arbeloa scored in the 22 minutes(own goal).
Ernesto Gomez scored in the 40 minutes.
The next match will play at the stadium Santiago Bernabeu the day 10th November 2009.
Who win?

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