Sunday, 29 November 2009

Presentación of Alejandro Muñoz

Well, in the future I want to be a surgeron and study medicine, because I feel very well helping at the people. For study medicine I make a Baccalaureate of sciencies in the hight school.
Next, I make the PAU to enter university that is a big test where the students choose something of subjects depending of they want studying.
In my case I must choose biology, chemistry and history, more maths , language and english that are compulsory subjects.
For enter university and study medicine I need get 8'7, but If I want go to Complutense I will have more mark.
When I am in college I will try make a degree of medicine. First I have that study four years general medicine for can obtain the MIR.
The MIR is a scholarship that let at students have a grant. Next I must study others four years surgery, and finally others two years studying the specially of surgery that I want.
As you can see is a very long degree, but I dream about job in the future as surgeron in a hospital.

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Lorena Gómez said...

Very good Muñoz!
Good luck! =)