Wednesday, 2 December 2009

My degree


I´m Lorena Gómez and I'm studying in the high school Parque de Lisboa.

I´m going to speak about what I want to study when I finish the high school, in my case, psychology.

Psichology isn´t an easy degree because it studies the behavior of the people and their mental processes, including therapy for them.
It learn from children´s behavior or how people feel, think or percive until the functions of the mind and how people learn to adapt circumstances and the way they solve problems.

As science, investigates three areas of the personality: cognitiva, afectiva and de comportamiento as well as moral and social.

There are several types of psychology: Básica, aplicada, aprendizaje and del arte.

The duration of this degree is 4 or 5 years. It depends of the new Bolonia´s plan.

It compulsory to have a bachelor´s either humanities, social sciences or sciences and have passed the examen of selectivity.
In the exam of selectivity in the Universidad Complutense is necessary get a mark of 5.

I want to study psichology because I want to be a police woman and I need a title to access a higher rank.

The competitive exam for nacional police is very difficult because you have to pass a series of test with results are very difficult. For example, you have to do a career than a kilometer in the shortest time possible or to do push-ups holding a bar with a one oportunity.
Too, you have to pass a exam about the laws, etc.

I´ll be nervous because I don´t know if I get it.... I hope so!

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Alejandro muñoz Crespo said...

Lorena thanks for the comment. You have make very well your presentacion too. kisses.