Saturday, 5 December 2009


Hello!I am Jorge and i go speak about the degree that i want study.For study this degree i have pass mark the baccaleureate of sciences and have a 7in the P.A.U. I haven´t a 7 ican´t study the degree of "Phisical Theraphy" .I want study it because the father of a friend have a medical center and he can help my to found work .I can study this degree in 4 universitys in Madrid put there are more but aren´t private universitys.
Surely i study in the Complutense because is the best.
The degree lasts 3 years in them study:
*9 subjects in the first year.
*11 subjects in the secon year.
*8 subjects in the last year.
It´s a degree very requested by this reason the note of court is high .I want study this and specialize in sport massage because i love the world of sports

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