Thursday, 21 February 2008

The damned prince

Once upon a time...
...there was a castle in a very rich kingdom. There was a curse in the castle, all of the subjects were damned. There was also a prince, he wasn't damned at all, he was locked at the highest tower of the castle. His name was Edward, he was very handsome, his eyes were light blue and his hair was black. He had been locked by his father, the king. He was very wicked and he didn't love the prince.

In a wonderful island, where the animals could sing and the trees told fairytales,there lived a princess called Violet, she was blonde with blue eyes, and she had heard that the prince was damned and she decided to rescue him. She hadn't got anything to save him and her friends, the animals, gave her a magic carpet. She flew on the magic carpet for three days and three nights but suddenly she found a hut in the forest. There lived a wise dwarf who helped her to find Edward. He told her that she had to visit an old witch who lived in a dark forest far, far away.

One night after she went out to look for the witch there was a terrible storm and she fell down. When she woke up she saw a black wolf, she was scared but the wolf told her that he wanted to help her so she followed him through the forest to visit the witch.
When she arrived there, the witch gave her a magic sword to fight the dragon that guarded the prince. She also gave the princess a magic potion: «This potion is for taking away the curse. The prince will fall in love with the person who has given him the potion», said the witch.
Violet decided to travel alone, she crossed the leafy forest, the ardent desert, the chill glacier and the highest mountain up to arrive in the damned kingdom.

She went to Edward's castle and she looked for the tower, but she saw that it was protected by a huge dragon and, to save the prince, she had to kill the dragon helped by the magic sword.
After a hard fight, the princess was hurt seriously but suddenly a phoenix came to help her in the rescue of Edward. As the bird was fighting against the dragon, Violet went to look for the prince. When she had already found him, it was too late, the prince had been changed into a horrible green toad, the princess started to cry because she couldn't do anything to help Edward. The phoenix finally killed the dragon and it saw that the princess was crying. It went to help her and it gave her a magic crown which could turn the prince into human while he wore it. Then, the princess gave him the crown and the prince became human again. Violet gave the potion to heal the curse, and Edward was released from his curse, he fell in love with Violet and it was at that very moment that the phoenix became human again (he used to be a prince who had died of love),
«Thanks to you, now I can die with my beloved, you have broken my curse with your first kiss of love», he said.

Years later they get married, and visited their kingdom in a wonderful carriage, they had many children, heirs of the kingdom,and...
...they lived happily ever after.

This story is told in a book kept in a safe hidden like a treasure in a safe place of the kingdom, as a legend of the kingdom explains.

Blanca Gómez
Amanecer Sánchez
Carolina Jiménez 3.B


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