Sunday, 10 February 2008

Million Dollar Baby

My favourite film is Million Dollar Baby.

In the film, my favourite actor is Cleant Eastwood and my favourite actress, Hilary Swank. I like this film because it's sad, but it has a very beautiful love story.

Maggie (Hilary Swank) was a girl who who wanted be a boxer, but nobody trained her because she was a woman. But when she got be a professional boxer (thanks to her trainer, Frankie - Cleant Eastwood) and she was really ner to win the championship, one opponent made she paralytic. Because of this, Maggie asked to Frankie help to die. He didn't want do that because he was in love with her, but at the end, he did it and helped Maggie to stop to suffer...

This film was nominated to seven Oscars, and it won four of that. If you want see a very good film, take a box of tissues, and watch it!

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