Thursday, 7 February 2008


My favourite film last year was The Orphanage; the main character in the movie was Belén Rueda and I think that She´s a good actress.
My opinion about this film is that It´s a good horror film, and I like this kind of movies.
It was very entertaining and exciting, and It had a good plot. Belén Rueda acts as a girl who lived at the orphanage in the past with other children, who died for an unknown cause.
Actually She acts the new head in the Orphanage where there were the children ghosts who died there.
Suddenly, head´s son disappeared and She searched for him alone. At the end She and her son died because It was their fate.
The music was really scary and the atmosphere was shivery. I like very much the special effects too. The only thing that I didn´t like was the end...It was sad.
I recommend ir to all the people that they like to be frightened.

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