Sunday, 10 February 2008

" Como agua para el chocolate"

My favourite film is " Como agua para el chocolate".

The main actor is Marco Leonardi as Pedro Muzquiz and the main actress is Lumi Cavazos as Tita de la Garza.

The Story took place at the end of the nineteenth century and at the begining of the twentyth century.

It's about a novel written by Laura Esquivel.

The film is about Tita and Pedro had fallen in love but the tradition in Tita's family is that the youngest girl in the family couldn't get married because she had to care her mum during her oldness.Tita is the third of three sisters: Rosaura and gertudis so she had to do that.

Pedro wanted to be near Tita so he got married with Rosaura , Tita's old sister.

Tita and Pedro were compelled to hide his true feelings until Rosaura's death.

It's the story if a woman who overcomed the defeat, the treachery an a familiar legacy,for found her destiny with the man that she loved actually.

I love this film because I love this kind of films, romances and drama.

The story is exciting and I love Tita's caracter , I think she is so sweet.

The end is very Sad but lovely too. I had cried a lot.

The costumes are really good, the music is OK! but I really enjoyed the dialogues.

The most Curious detail is that All the fil are realted to cook recipes.
This film is very unknow because It isn't a super North-American production , and the actors are not very famous.
My recomendation is that If you are a romatic and a sensible person you'll enjoy this film very much but you have to have a tissues box near you.


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