Sunday, 10 February 2008


My favourite film is ``The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen´´. The main actor is Sean Connery, Shane West, Naseeruddin Shah, Tony Curran, Jason Flemyng, Stuart Townsend and Richard Roxburgh and the main actress is Peta Wilson. The film is an adjustment for cinema based on the cómic of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neal. The film begins in 1889 with a series of thefts and dramatic affronts in Berlin and London. A tank of style Mark I irrumpe in the Bank of England to steal Leonardo's planes There gives Vinciof the foundation of Venice and a little time later, in Germany scientists kidnap and destroy a hangar of dirigibles. It is at the time when the governments of both countries accuse Mutually actually The Ghost, is demonstrated as the person in charge behind every crime.
After a visit of an English envoy Allan Quatermain (Sean Connery) he decides to enter action though initially doesn´t want to know nothing of the matter. He is taken to a place in which other persons were meeting a few special gifts. Between them: una woman vampire, the invisible man, Dr. Jekyll and his dangerous alter ego Mr. Hyde, the Captain Nemo and an immortal man. They all are joined to save to the world.
My recommendation is that if you like the films of action that the this see because is very good.

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