Saturday, 9 February 2008


One of my favorites films is "A Walk to Remember".
My favorite actor in the movie was "Shane West" as "London Carter" and my favorite actress was "Mandy Moore" as "Jamie Sullivan". They are the protagonist.
I liked the movie because it was a very sentimental love story in which I think we can learn and draw conclusions. It was a story between two teenegers who think that their world rounds around another. Also it was very realist because there were bad and painful feelings.
The story is about a very popular boy in the high school (London Carter), very handsome, who passes all, and the most important thing for him was his popularity; and a marginalez girl (Jaime Sullivan) who doesn´t mind that people thinks of her. She has a great faith in miracles. She was priest daughter and her clothes were stranges. They falled in love because he was grounded at the high school participating in a play and she helps with the role.
He departed from his popularity and his friends just to be with her (it´s really beautiful!!)...but she had a secret that changed everything (so if you want to know the secret wath it!).
This movie tried to teach that "love is a leap of faith" (do you think of?).
This film was directed by Adams Shankman. It was writed by Nikolas Sparks (novel) and Karen Janszen (screenplay). The date that it was released at Spain was 14 November 2003. It won three oscars and was nominated two.
My recomendation is that , if you like love and drams films, or stories about teenegers in a high school, or if you like crying with movies...WATH IT!!!
Here are some links, this is for see the trailer:

If you want, watch the spanish trailer...but this is an english i didn´t put the spanish link.

I´ve writen about this film because i liked very much and we have seen in one subjet so i remembered it. But i have a lot of favorites film. Maybe some people don´t like this film because it´s very sentimental...but...for tastes the colours!

...Love is like the cannot see it but you can always feel it.....
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Blanca said...

I really enjoy this film and I also love your review!:D


Amanecer said...

I like a lot this film it's really beautiful and very sad too.
Your review is very well!
A kiss!

Carolina Jiménez said...

Hi! Thanks a lot by your comment. Really this film is lovely!
Congratulations for your review, it's fantastic!

A lot of kisses.