Saturday, 9 February 2008

Resident Evil Extincion

Resident Evil Extinction.

Third movie of resident evil, the heroine, Milla Jovovich, together with the survivors of the catastrophe happened in Raccoon's city they must cross the desert of Nevada with the hope to come to Alaska, before the zombis of the Corporation Umbrella reach them.
If do not seize I dress the previous ones advise you to see them before seeing this one, you do not go away to taking a desilución when you see this one.
The effects are very well successful, the scenes of combat are amazing, Mile continues being handsome pretty like in other two previous ones, the music and the sound are excellent but always there is one but, the end.
The end finishes like to make other one new.
The movie lasts 90 minutes approximately.
My recommendation is if you don't see the others films I recommended you to see this, the best film!!

Adrian Landazuri.

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