Sunday, 17 February 2008


Once upon a time there was a very beautiful castle surrounded by white wolves and other more innocent animals. Inside the castle there was a treasure, a young handsome prince lived there. But one day there was a very strong storm and the tallest tower fell down. After the storm, an eagle arrived with a letter from an old man, whose name was Frederick: "There is a tower in a dark wood, there lives a very pretty princess, she was kidnapped by a very bad witch. Please go to find her".
He went quickly to the tower, and there was the princess. The witch wasn't there, the old man was there and he stayed with the pricess. The prince found out that it was a trick, the witch was in the prince's castle stealing the treasure. The prince killed the old man with his magic sword, but the whitch turned the prince into a toad, and then she turned into a dragon. The princess wasn't afraid, she ran very fast into the castle. When the witch saw her, she cast a spell, but it fell in the crown and the spellgot the witch, killing her. When the witch died, the prince became a man again, and then they went to take the treasure. They went to live in an island, in a small house.
The prince gave her a present, it was a ring and a magic carpet for travelling to other islands .
And they lived happily ever after.

Carolina León
Sandra Beamud
Diana Munteanu
Paola Peinado

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